Annuity Cashout Receive cash for annuity payments

Annuity Purchases offers cash for annuity payments on all, or a portion of your remaining periodic payments.

Receiving cash for annuity payments is a viable option for those who may need immediate cash and can't afford to wait for their money to be paid out over time.

We will pay you a Large Lump Sum of CASH NOW, rather than receiving smaller monthly payments for the remainder of the contract.

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Use the money for education, investments, to buy a new home, settle an estate or for ANY reason you desire.

Most people do not know they can get cash for annuity payments and most insurance companies prefer it that way.

cash for annuity paymentsAn annuity is any income from capital investment paid through a series of regular payments. Insurance companies invest in annuities with a substantially lesser amount than your actual settlement and then let it earn sufficient interest in order to pay you over time. In short, they don't want you to receive cash for your annuity payments so they can continue making money while you settle for monthly installments.

Cash for annuity payments is an excellent hedge against the depreciating value of the dollar. The value of your monthly installment will be worth much less 10, 15 or even 20 years from now.

Solve your cash flow problems or simply take back control of your money and receive cash for your annuity payments now.

To learn more about cash for annuity payments, contact us at or by phone at 1-800-509-8520.

You can also request a Free Quote or visit our Required Documents page for more information.

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