Casino Winnings win and win again program

You won a jackpot sure, but it gets paid out over
years and years.

Sure you have a lot of money coming to you, but do you really want to wait for it?  Cash in and win again by turning your future jackpot payments into a lump sum of money now.

Winning a jackpot or lottery is an experience that changes your life.  But it is also confusing and frustrating when you realize the money will come to you over time.

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We can help you get
your money sooner.

How about instead of waiting, you get a lump sum today that you can use for anything you choose. Buy a house, a new car, maybe you want to take a vacation or start a new business.

  • We need a copy of your award letter and a driver's license (photo ID).
  • Then give us a few weeks and we’ll have your money in your hands.

Your annuity policy will state that your payments can not be assigned or transferred.  We have 13 years experience working with tricky legal wording and insurance company hassles.  We’ll take care of it for you, and it usually takes less than 4 weeks to get your money.

You do not have to wait for your casino or jackpot winnings to pay out over 20 or more years. You can get your money now.

free cashout analysis


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