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Are you interested in selling your annuity or getting cash for an annuity payment?

We can assist in selling either all or part of your annuity proceeds.

Your Annuity, or Annuity Payments can be accelerated for an early payout.

We will pay you a Large Lump Sum of CASH NOW, rather than receiving smaller monthly payments for the remainder of the contract. You may use the money for education, investments, to buy a new home, settle an estate or for ANY reason you desire.

There are several reasons why an individual could want to cash in or sell their annuity.

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Why would anyone want to sell his or her structured annuity payments?

While annuities serve an important role and often meet the payees' needs as originally planned, they are inflexible and incapable of resolving unplanned, immediate financial needs.

Over thirty state governments have determined that individuals should have access to this important resource and now allow for transfers of the annuitant's rights to receive payments when it is determined to be in their best interest. Individuals in all fifty states now have access to their annuity payments when financial needs arise.

We can help you get immediate cash for your annuity. Our programs can help convert your long-term income from an annuity into cash that you can use today.

free cashout analysis


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