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Lottery Winners Now Have A Cash Alternative

There is absolutely no cost or risk to convert your lottery prize into a single payment.

The usual 20-year payout of lottery prizes doesn’t always help to meet your immediate financial needs or achieve financial security. Converting all or part of your lottery prize into a lump-sum payment can help you achieve both your long and short-term financial goals. This is where Prosperity Partners can help; we have the expertise and funds available able to help you reach your goals now and in the future.

Lottery winners who have taken advantage of our lump-sum payment program have used their money to:

  • Purchase a dream home
  • Invest in a business
  • Pay off debt
  • Invest for long term security
  • Pay for college
  • Pay medical expenses
  • Make tax deductible charitable contributions
  • Enjoy their new found wealth today

In virtually every case the goal was to improve their quality of life now and in the future. A goal that has become more difficult to attain as the economic reality of inflation eats away at the value of your lottery prize.

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Inflation Reduces Value of 20-Year Payout

Inflation causes the dollars your receive today, as a part of your lottery prize, to be worth less in the coming years (see Time Value Money Model insert). While your monthly lottery payments never increase – and eventually end – the cost of homes, automobiles and groceries will continue to go up. By prudently investing a lump sum now, you could create enduring wealth that will last well beyond the 20-year payout and even stay ahead of inflation.

Simple Cost-Free Process

We have helped hundreds of lottery winners, nationwide, reach their financial goals by converting all or part of their lottery prizes into a lump sum payments. Even though most lottery prizes are not assignable without a judicial order, Prosperity Partners has crated proven legal and financial techniques that give you several lump-sum options, including converting your lottery prize into a tax-free loan.

We handle all the administrative and legal paperwork involved in completing this transaction. We also pay all legal, administrative and closing costs. There is absolutely no cost or risk to convert your lottery prize into a single payment. The only cost you may incur is for your own legal counsel or advisors.

In most cases, the whole process can be completed in four to six weeks once an agreement has been arranged. And, in some states such as California, new laws allowing lump-sum payments have reduced processing time to as few as 2-4 weeks.

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Committed to Your Satisfaction

We are committed to making the process of converting your lottery prize, into a lump-sum payment, both pleasant and convenient.

Our extended hours make it easy for you to reach a representative days or evenings. We answer all your questions promptly and update you regularly on your transaction’s progress. We ship all correspondence pre-paid, overnight delivery to expedite the process and we even have toll free phone and fax numbers. Give us a call today to discuss how you can turn your lottery prize into truly enduring wealth with a lump-sum payment. We are a leading source for the placement of unusual discounted financial instruments.

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